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Rare Lyrics seems to have a comprehensive collection of ABBA lyrics.

ARROW Heatseeker's AC/DC Lyrics Page
The lyrics are here. They are arranged by release date but there is a song list at the beginning of the lyrics.

ARROW Aerosmith Fans Dot Com
The lyrics are arranged by album. You must know what the album cover looks like or use the onMouse over tips.

ARROW Air Supply Music
This official site provides lots of information on the band. The lyrics are there but they are a little tough to find. First, go to the history page. You will see the albums listed along the left side of the page. Find the appropriate album (there are drop down lists with the song titles) and then click the album cover. All the lyrics for that particular album will be listed.

ARROW Alice In Chains
Alice in Chains song lyrics are arranged by album.

ARROW Hittin' the Web With the Allman Brothers Band
This looks to be a complete listing.

ARROW America
Oldie Lyrics has a good America collection.

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ARROW Back Street Boys
Follow the multimedia link to get to the lyrics.

ARROW Bad Company
This site includes all of the lyrics from their albums.

ARROW The Band: Lyrics and Guitar Chords
The lyrics are arranged alphabetically by song title.

ARROW Barenaked Ladies
The lyrics are arranged by album. The lyrics to Born On a Pirate Ship are not posted yet.

ARROW Baycity Rollers Lyrics
The lyrics are here. They are arranged by album.

ARROW Beach Boys Lyrics
This site looks to be complete. Lyrics are available by the album, by song title or through a search engine.

ARROW Beatles' Lyric Archive
This collection look to be complete. The lyrics are arranged by song title.

ARROW The Bee Gees Lyrics Page
This comprehensive site is easy to navigate. You can find lyrics by title or album.

ARROW Better Than Ezra Page
Lyrics Dowload has a good Better Than Ezra section.

ARROW Black Sabbath
Lots of songs are available here. Lyrics are listed by album.

ARROW The Official Blues Traveler Web Site
This complete collection is on their official site.

ARROW Maarten's Blues Brothers Lyrics Archive
The lyrics are here as transcribed by the webmaster.

ARROW Bon Jovi
This excellent Bon Jovi lyrics site has the lyrics to lots of songs. The songs are arranged by album.

ARROW The Boston Home Page: Music
This collection is arranged by album.

ARROW Boxtops: Discography
This collection is far from complete but a few of the standards can be found here.

ARROW Boyz II Men Lyrics
The lyrics for most of their songs are arranged by album but an option is available for an alphabetical song list.

ARROW Bread at Lyrics World
Follow the links to Bread and you should find what you need here. The lyrics are arranged by song title.

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ARROW Carpenters FAQ: Song Index
This is a very good collection. Most of the missing lyrics are covers that you should be able to find elsewhere.

ARROW The Cars' Discography and Lyrics
Lyrics are arranged by album with a song list for each album.

ARROW Cheap Trick
Lyrics Find has lots of the Cheap Trick lyrics.

ARROW Chicago
This has a complete collection of Chicago lyrics arranged by album. Click on "The Music" to find the lyrics.

ARROW China Crisis
Their lyrics are here. They are arranged by song title.

ARROW Chumbawamba
This is another group that I am not familiar with. This official site has the lyrics to their new album.

ARROW Collective Soul
Lyrics Depot has lots of lyrics for this wonderful band.

ARROW Lukabop Artists: Cornershop
The lyrics to three albums are listed.

ARROW Counting Crows
This site has the lyrics arranged by album. Even if your song is not listed on this page, click through on the appropriate album and you will find your lyrics.

ARROW Creedence Clearwater Revival Lyrics
The songs are presented in alphabetical order.

ARROW The Cure Songs
The songs are listed alphabetically.


If you know of any good lyrics pages, me. the URL. If I think it will be useful to others, I will try to link to it.


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