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ARROW Defranco Family Lyrics
This page has the complete collection of lyrics.

ARROW Dire Straits Lyrics
A complete guide to Dire Straits lyrics. You must know what album the song is on to find the lyrics. (I find this a drawback for efficient research--which is why I mention it.) The author of this page informed me that clicking on the "Remote Controller" link will let you find the songs without knowing the album.

ARROW Doobie Brothers
This is a part of the official Doobie Brothers website. The lyrics are arranged by album.

ARROW Holly's Eagles Page
This looks to be a pretty complete collection of Eagles lyrics. The lyrics are arranged by album.

ARROW Earth, Wind & Fire's Lyrics
This collection looks complete to me.

ARROW A Cool Fastball Tribute Page
The site has the lyrics to this group's two albums.

ARROW The Ultimate Foo Fighters Page
Most of the lyrics appear to be here.

ARROW Foreigner
All of the lyrics are here. They are listed by album with song listing for each.

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ARROW Grateful Dead Lyrics
I am not a Dead Head but I do appreciate a lot of their music. I'm not sure this list is comprehensive but it is extensive. Peace man.

ARROW Green Day Authority
The lyrics are arranged by song title and album. This is an excellent site to check out everything Green Day.

ARROW The Hollies' Lyrics
This section of the Oldies Lyrics has the Hollies lyrics arranged by album with song titles listed.

ARROW Yet Another Hootie and the Blowfish Temple
You can find all the Hootie and the Blowfish lyrics here including many B-sides.

This official site has the lyrics.

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ARROW Jefferson Airplane
Some chords are included here as well as the lyrics.

ARROW Jethro Tull Music Archives
The lyrics are available by album or song title.

ARROW Kinks Song List
This page lists 433 songs by the Kinks. All but one have lyrics.

ARROW KoRn Lyrics
This section of Lyrics Freak has KoRn lyrics arranged by album and song title.

ARROW Led Zeppelin Lyrics
All of the Led Zeppelin lyrics are here. You must know what the album cover looks like to find your lyrics.

ARROW The Little Feat Web
This marvelous site has all kinds of information on one of my favorite bands. The lyrics to almost all Little Feat tunes are here. They are organized by album and there is also an alphabetical listing of songs.

ARROW Lynyrd Skynyrd Albums, Songs and Lyrics
The lyrics are here but you must know the year the album was released and what the album cover looks like to get them.

ARROW Marilyn Manson
This page has the lyrics listed by song title under the album they appear on.

ARROW Marshall Tucker Band Lyrics
They have finally taken down the lyrics on the official site but it is still worth a visit. If you know of a good source for these lyrics, let me know.

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ARROW Matchbox20
Good source for Matchbox20. If this site doesn't have the lyrics you need, check out their links.

ARROW Dave Matthews Band
The lyrics are arranged by album, click on the album cover for song list.

ARROW Jaymz' Un-Official Metallica Page
Ok, my nephew asked me to find some Metallica lyrics for him. That's how I ended up finding this site. Metallica isn't really my cup of tea but I am sure there are lots of people who want these lyrics. There is tons of other good stuff about the band located on this well designed site.

ARROW Midnight Oil
Click on album cover to get the lyrics.

ARROW The Unofficial Steve Miller Band Page
The complete lyrics are here. They are listed by album.

ARROW Monkees' Lyrics
This looks like a pretty complete collection of lyrics. Relive those zany moments from the 1960's.

ARROW Moody Blues Lyrics
This nicely designed page has all the Moody Blues lyrics arranged by album and song title.

ARROW Nine Inch Nails Discography/Lyrics
The complete lyrics are here. Album cuts are arranged by album.

ARROW Nirvana Lyrics
The complete lyrics are here and arranged by song title.

ARROW Oasis Lyrics
This one of my favorite bands. This link provides you with the lyrics. Click on the album you want and then click on the icon.

ARROW The Outlaws Lyrics
This page has quite a few lyrics.

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If you know of any good lyrics pages, me. the URL. If I think it will be useful to others, I will try to link to it.


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